Va dietetic internship interview questions 2014

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I asked a few questions about sustainability measures and allergen menus, but it was less of an interview and more of an opportunity to get familiar with the site.She explained all the many aspects of her job (she is the sole full-time dietitian on staff for a university with 38,000 students!I arrived ridiculously early for the interview (as in nearly 45 minutes early).The catch was, I hardly talked at all in the “interview” today.Some sites in the Meredith College program require interviews prior to placing an intern there, so preparation for those interviews has been my main focus over the past few days.), described what dietetic interns usually do at the site, and then gave me a brief tour of one of the dining halls.As some of you may recall, I was admitted to a dietetic internship program last April, which means I am one step closer to becoming a registered dietitian (RD).I’ve completed two interviews thus far, and they couldn’t have been more different from one another.Once my appointed time rolled around, my interviewer greeted me with a smile and asked me a few questions about my resume and experience, along with a few of those most dreaded questions: “ Despite the fact that I hate answering questions like those, I managed to cobble together reasonable responses.——————————————————————————————————————– Orientation for the internship begins next week, so site placements are now falling into place.The preceptor at this site was quite a chatter-box and didn’t really ask me any questions—as a quieter person, I love talkative people!

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