What is heavy lifting when pregnant

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With your doctor's permission, you may continue to lift the reasonable amount of weight you have been thus far but listen to your body.You may also be safe in lifting heavier objects if 2) you are lifting correctly.IF you are grunting and holding your breathe while lifting, stop.If you were to tell me that you ran, sprinted, jumped on a trampoline or climbed buildings, I would tell you it was safe to continue as you are already acclimated to that routine.Other things to be concerned about -- more so than the heavy lifting -- is making sure you are properly hydrated (drink lots of water! Check our web for information about inner core temperature.If you are a walker or jogger, you may continue these activities.However, it is difficult to know how to guide you until we know what kind of exercise you have done in the past.The easy answer would be to say, 'yes, you may continue lifting until it is uncomfortable.' However, there are these outside factors to consider.Be sure to lift from the legs, always starting from a squat position. The good news is your body is incredibly resilient and your body is very well protected.In the case of heavy lifting, we have to be very careful. Because we do not know your medical background, it is dangerous for us to say 'yes' without questioning your medical history.Also, what kind of foods can one eat during pregnancy?Obviously, as your body changes, so does the routine and you are forced to re-adjust your activity. It is safe for you to continue this if 1) you have your doctor's permission.

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