Si joint lifting braccia

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Too many of my clients when I push them on working shoulders they just say: “Verena, I don’t want big shoulders!The lesson here is that it’s crucial to keep your shoulders and upper back healthy over the long haul.But shoulders are a very important part of your body that you CAN’T forget about.Today is a good day to start training your shoulders ladies!Of course you don’t want to look like a wrestler as i said already, but wouldn’t you want to look like an angel?Having some nice round shoulders just help our posture to look straighter, gives us that nice hourglass shape and gives us a well-balanced physique.Each joint depends on quality motion or movement at the adjacent or preceding joint.You don’t realize how important this system is until it stops working properly.Now, sit up straight and tall and repeat the exercise. There’s a lot more to shoulder movement than the shoulder alone.

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