Ic and heavy lifting 101

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You might get bigger, but you'll probably be slower.This in turn puts more zip into your tennis stroke, your slap-shot, bat swing, throwing motion, sprinting ability, swim stroke, golf swing, skating speed and even your left hook if you like to box.An important principle of weight training is that if all the emphasis is placed upon gaining only muscular strength, the muscle will actually lose power. If a muscle becomes stronger, doesn't it automatically have more power? Muscular strength refers to the ability of the muscle to lift a given weight a given distance, with no regard to the time it takes to move the weight a given distance.In recent years weight training or resistance training has become increasingly popular with athletes who are involved in a wide range of sports.If you're trying to improve the power of your tennis stroke, your slap-shot, your bat speed in baseball, your golf swing, your skating power or your speed and acceleration for soccer or sprinting, then using a body builder's weight training routine may actually slow you down and worsen your performance.For instance, if you want a body builder's physique, then you would follow a program that maximizes muscle growth and density.This article will help you separate fact from fiction and help you understand some fundamental aspects of weight training.This type of heavy weight lifting has proven to increase muscle strength and muscle size.However, it tends to slow down the speed at which the muscle is able to contract and this may actually hinder sports performance where speed and acceleration are critical factors.Essentially, this means that by performing weight training with a lighter weight, it allows you to contract the muscle faster, which results in increased muscle power.

Gone are the days when weight training was exclusive to Olympic Weight Lifters, Body Builders and Muscle Heads.In other words, the more weight you can lift when performing a bench press, the stronger you are.In contrast to strength, power is the ability of the muscle to perform a certain amount of work per unit time.As a rule, when you are lifting really heavy weights to increase your strength, the speed of contraction is very slow due to the heaviness of the weight.The key to successful weight training is to know what outcome you want.

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