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The same commenter who suggested withdrawing the proposed revision also made specific suggestions for changes to many diagnostic codes.We made the process of revision as open as possible.We also contracted with an outside consultant, who convened a panel of non-VA physician specialists in skin diseases to make recommendations for revisions of this section of the rating schedule.The proposed evaluation criteria were based at 80 percent on whether disfigurement is so disfiguring as to preclude occupational interaction with the public, at 50 percent on whether it is repugnant on casual inspection, at 30 percent on whether it is disagreeable on casual inspection, at 10 percent on whether it is noticeable on casual inspection, and at zero percent on whether it is noticeable, but only on close inspection.Under diagnostic code (DC) 7800, disfigurement of the head, face, or neck, the former rating schedule provided evaluation levels of 50, 30,10, and zero percent based on whether there is repugnant deformity of one or both sides of the face, whether the disfigurement is “severe,” producing a marked and unsightly deformity of eyelids, lips, or auricles, and on whether the disfigurement is “moderate” or “slight.” Following these criteria was a note stating that each level could be increased to the next higher evaluation level on the basis of marked discoloration or color contrast and that the most repugnant, disfiguring conditions, including scars and diseases of the skin, could be submitted with photographs for central office rating.For example, prior to publication of the proposed amendment, we published an advance notice of proposed rulemaking in the to receive public comments about the revision.We published the proposed revision only after reviewing all of these sources of information.One commenter felt that the deleted note should be retained.This document amends that portion of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Schedule for Rating Disabilities that addresses the Skin.

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