Lifting beam installation

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Lifting and spreader beams are designed to specification to suit each and every individual requirement for a wide variety of applications. We offer lifting beams and spreader beams with guide prices, on request we will offer a quotation and will provide our customers with a general arrangement drawing on receipt of a purchase order. The beam has a total of ten 160mm diameter pads along the centre line of the beam and 7 pairs of 210mm diameter pads each side of centre, all of the pads positions can be adjusted via aluminium guides.Indication of the pad isolation and good vacuum pressure is shown on the panel HMI and also local LED beacons above each pad.The vacuum lifting beams lift and rotate the wing structures via suction, so not to damage or mark the surface of the composite structure and can lift up to 600kgs.In the event of a failure the straps would arrest within 100mm to prevent the component falling.With most of the lifting beams the information, specification and dimensions are offered as a guide in good faith for illustration purposes only to give the end user an indication of the type of beams that are commercially available, usually them modified to suit individual requirements. Suitability for marine and offshore use with anti sparking (spark resistant) features. RHC Lifting Limited has supplied two vacuum lifting beams, which will be used to lift and rotate composite carbon fibre wing spars at GKN Aerospace's new state of the art composite wing structures manufacturing and assembly facility, in Bristol, UK, which was officially opened on Friday 27th April by George Osborne.The vacuum beam also includes a Siemens wireless control and is fully integrated into the GKN Aerospace's existing overhead latching crane system, which RHC Lifting installed back in 2010.The vacuum beams are controlled by the crane's Autec radio remote with full indexing so that the main crane PLC can determine which of the 8 latching cranes is fitted with the vacuum beams.

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