Alopecia areata yodo blanco

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Never use Iodine which contains Ammonia solution which can cause irritation to the scalp (like hair dyes) & will do more harm than good to the nails & surrounding skin & that includes Yodo Blanco white iodine.Hair Treatment Hair Loss White iodine has also been used topically as a treatment for natural hair loss & Alopecia Areata.Benefits The San Vall Yodo Blanco Colorless Iodine Liquid is essential for curing alopecia areata, which is associated with hair loss problems.Decolorized Iodine is a First Aid antiseptic to help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns.PLEASE NOTE: Sweetwater White Iodine does not contain: ALCOHOL, AMMONIA SOLUTION OR ANY OTHER ADDITIVES LIKE OTHER SELLERS.It does not stain skin or clothes, unlike the old red iodine we all hated as kids.The antiseptic property of the San Vall Yodo Blanco Decolorized Iodine is regarded as a first aid product to prevent infections in minor cuts.White Iodine decolourised with brush alopecia, weak nails 30ml 12% Stength Amber Glass Bottles + Brush + Pipette DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO SHELLFISH OR IODINE Classed as a food supplement by the MHRA The Medicines for Human Use (Marketing Authorisations Etc) Regulations 1994 (S. Food grade White Iodine is chemicly pure, it does not contain exipients, Propyl Alcohol.It plays a vital role in the healthy formation of hair, gives natural shine and speeds up hair growth with increasing follicle strength.It can be taken as a food grade Iodine supplement internally & it can be used externally.Water, Alcohol, Iodine, Ammonia solution & Potassium Iodine San Vall Yodo Blanco Colorless Iodine- Antibiotic Decolorized Iodine Supplement The San Vall Yodo Blanco Colorless Iodine Tincture helps to treat the weakest and pliability of the nails.Does not stain skin or clothes, unlike the old red iodine we all hated as kids.

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