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There's quite a lot of essence left on my face and I patted it in, following the instructions.The gel (blue) side goes on your face, and the other side is covered in cotton making the application easy and clean. I have sensitive skin, but I love that I can leave this on almost an hour and not have my skin get irritated at all! Etude House, The Face Shop, Skin Food, Leaders Clinic, Qiora, are just a few Korean/Asian brands that manufactures sheet masks. I tried the collagen mask, but they make masks to address different skin care needs too. my favorite non-sheet mask of all time is Bliss’ Rubberizing Mask, but that mask requires some additional steps) At a higher price point… There’s always too much product in the packet, so I rub the excess on my neck, hands and/or arms.: Tranexamic Acid, Gigawhite (Malva Sylvestris, Mentha Piperita, Primula Veris, Alchemilla Vulgaris, Veronica Officinalis, Melissa Officinalis, Achillea Millefouum), Clairju Extract, Ellagic Acid Extract, Acerola Extract, Job's Tears Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium PCA, Niacinamide, Glycerin, 1,3 Butylene Glycol, Dipotassium Glycrtthetinate, Xanthan Gum, Tocopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Methylisothiazolinone, Perfume, Water : I don't think I'll be purchasing another mask with ear hooks. My favorite mask: Masks by Leaders Clinic (about $5 each) are a favorite because these masks are super thick and adhere to the skin SO~ well.So I'll consider this as buying my first 'real' sheet mask and I'm not regretting it! I don’t get much sleep over the weekends, so a mask is the perfect way to unwind and give my skin some extra TLC. There are tons of brands and masks you can choose from. Qiora Spa Masks ($38 for a pack of 4 masks) are awesome! 🙂 Tonight, I opted for a Vitamin C mask ($2.99) which should help brighten my tired/dull skin. Notice (below) how the mask is like a second skin on my face? It almost seems like the sheet has tiny quilted pillows that holds the product and sticks to your skin!As I mentioned, I'm not really willing to spend on sheet masks as all the sheet masks I've tried didn't really make a difference. To apply a sheet mask, all you need to do is open the package, unfold the sheet, and lay on your face!However, I must admit that I've only used cheapo masks that I bought online (gosh, I think they were fake).

I didn't have much expectations for it as after all, it's just Watson's brand. Each packet comes with 2 pieces, a top and bottom, which is designed to better fit your face. I don't like getting mask essence or skincare on my hair ~_~" I would prefer something more moisturizing so I think I'll stick to MBD. I finally tried out the face mask I got from my 1 Utama haul.It also says rinsing is not needed but I'm really uncomfortable with leaving essences on my face as you can feel another layer of something there and this is sticky!

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