8th grade weight lifting program

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We will provide the time, equipment, and programs but you have to provide the effort and positive attitude.The workouts will be designed to introduce you to our exercises and facility as well as help you to become bigger, faster, stronger, and quicker. You must make a long-term commitment (Feb.-Aug.) to see results.Weight room will be open on Monday and Wednesday for the 8th Grade Football Strength & Conditioning participants starting Monday, February 8th through the end of the school year. February 5, 2016 8th Grade Football Players, I want to congratulate you and your team on your 8th grade varsity season.To gain significant strength, you must work out consistently every week in the Summer and Fall without missing workouts.Middletown High School does not offer transportation home from the high school. Students must have transportation arranged by parents and students must also have a signed permission form to participate in the lifting program. If you or your parents have any questions, please call Coach Lynott at 240-236-7422 or Kevin.lynott@If you would like the opportunity to start working out at the high school for the next season, down load the following informational letter from Coach Lynott and get attached permission slip returned.The locker rooms are for changing only any foolishness will not be tolerated. The coaches will be instructing the entire group on the proper methods of training and spotting of all exercises on these days. I suggest you set 5 specific goals for yourself and use this opportunity to help achieve them.Our team’s success will be largely determined by the commitment and dedication to our off-season training program.

You will have access to the high school locker room to change at p.m. All 8th grade football players who intend to participate in the training program need to be present on Monday, February 8 and Wednesday, February 10.I enjoyed watching your team play and practice and I saw many things I liked such as 1) good attitudes, 2) team unity 3) strong work ethics, & 4) toughness.You will improve as a player and more importantly our team will be better if you commit yourself to our after school program.Students will learn and perform strength exercises for each muscle group.Discussion will be centered around safety, setting up a program, understanding the benefits of strength training, and understanding the principles of overload, specificity, and progression.

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