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I am in the midst of a crisis of confidence, and I’m not afraid to say so.So, either I am a simpleton, and a fairly stupid one, at that (a possibility that I do not at all dismiss), or I am trying to integrate the little details and the big picture, trying to find ways to make them fit together, and I am finding it's a lot more complex than most people want to acknowledge.(Especially the ones who want to sell you their quick fat-loss fix for just $19.99 -- but hurry and buy now, because the deal ENDS SOON!(Of course, they tend to take in massive amounts of calories, so it may be that their have biochemical differences that account for variations in what is “optimal” for us, and what will allow us to thrive.People differ in their sensitivity to substances such as codeine and caffeine, which is why some of us can drink a cup of strong coffee and go right to bed, while others are bouncing off the walls after a small square of chocolate.Pharmacologists have long understood that people differ in the activity of certain enzymes of the liver’s cytochrome P450 system, making them “fast” or “slow” metabolizers of certain substances. What about genes that code for the proteins that build the monocarboxylate transporters that actually get ketones into cells?I’m a work in progress, and I’ve got a ways to go, but for me, at this point, a low-carb approach suits me best. Yes, and I am open to that possibility, because I am not permanently marking my territory on the nutritional battlefield. But who is anyone else to tell me that I do not do best this way, at this point in time?Like I pointed out the first time around, people do have genetic differences that influence their response to various macro- and micronutrients.

And let’s be clear: there is a difference between surviving and thriving.Who is anyone else to tell me that I It is indicative either of ignorance and stupidity, or of refreshing level-headedness, that I am not dogmatic about low-carb.(Forgive me world, for I had sandwich-sinned, hehheh.) But after transitioning to low carb, my health and wellness have reached new heights.I think that, to some extent, we can all The first twenty-five-ish years of my life were proof that I could remain alive and functioning pretty darn well consuming a diet that included lots of grain, low-fat dairy, and a lifetime quota of buffalo chicken sandwiches and seasoned fries.I think there certainly are situations where we can evaluate someone’s diet and lifestyle and find reasons why maybe they are “doing it wrong,” and by tweaking a few things, we can get them feeling like a million bucks without their beloved beans and rice (not to mention whole grain bread).

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