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This ties into the chapter because it talks about how coping with death works cognitively despite the age.The article focuses on the mind has evolved through time.This site gave a good explaination of what grief really is and other events in life other than death that can cause someone to grief.Hospice turns out to be a positive experience, those in hospice seem to have a lower immortality rate.It talks about hospice and weather or not it is a positive experience, along with looking at the life span of the spouse of a deceased spouse.Aryn Ferris pin 1- this pin relates to chapter 9 because it talks about late adulthood and the depresion that can occur along side of it.This article describes how to cope with the death of a loved one at this time, and how to move on and possibly start dating again.The article discusses that dipresion can be found in late adulthood and it discusses that alot of the depression the people are faceing can be worsend by medicle and other health problems Aryn Ferris - pin 1- this pin relates to the chapter because it talks about death and dying.This relates to the chapter because it mentions that coping with death works cognitively among all ages.We talked about this stage in the chapter and why retirement is important for development.Kaitlin Karbowski- Pin 1 This pin all about cognitive development in late adulthood.Hannah Bartels - 002 : This article discusses late adulthood and how religion and death getting closer effects how people act.Kendal Gantz- Chapter ten had a lot to say about grief and bereavement during death.Hannah Bartels - 002 : In this article it talks about how reitrement age is getting older. It also talks about how this effects late adulthood years.

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