Lifting without warming up

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This refers to your body's ability to get better and adapt to specifically what it's trained to do, says physical therapist Tony Ingram.One study performed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill showed that subjects who performed dynamic warm-ups had higher performance in the vertical jump test than those who just did standard stretching.Dynamic flexibility, which is moving your muscles and joints within your full range of motion repetitively, should be performed before weightlifting because it stimulates higher neural activity and increases tissue elasticity.Warming up your body before a weightlifting session increases muscle and connective tissue elasticity, blood flow, body temperature and nervous system activity.Researchers at Bandeirantes University of São Paulo in Brazil had one group of subjects perform specific warm-ups prior to performing a leg press exercise, while the other group performed 20 minutes of cycling and the specific warm-ups.Rather than picking different warm-up exercises to do randomly, choose the ones that move similarly to the movement patterns of the workout.Always develop a steady breathing pattern and movement rhythm when you perform dynamic stretches.

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