Lifting with spreader bar

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They are suspended by a crane from two slings and normally have two to four bottom slings attached that are rigged to the load.Those accreditations include ISO 9001, OSHAS 14001, OSHAS 18001, DAC, LEEA, AOFA, HABC, and STI.Spreader bars are normally made out of pipe and have top and bottom lifting points on opposing ends.In support of this Philosophy we have a strong and experienced Management Team with a wealth of Knowledge and Experience that goes back to 35 years.While both a lifting beam and a spreader bar is similar in that they create a connection point between the load and crane, there are differences that make one better than the other in specific instances.The success of SSG is based on a strong work ethic and our priority to retain and build on our relationships with our customers through Engineering integrity, Quality of Product and service, Supply of Positive and productive Lifting equipment, Appliances, Gears, Safety of our Operations, Speed of Response and Flexibility.Both are considered a below-the-hook lifting device since the attachment to the load (or loads) takes place below the crane’s hook.A lifting beam is under pressure at the single lifting point and therefore subject to shear and bending, while a spreader beam is designed to work under compression and spread the load out evenly over a longer area.The management system of the company has achieved a range of qualifications and accreditations that both reflects the Integrity of our Business and serves to provide you with the confidence that you are working with a vendor that can be trusted to deliver whatever the specification demands.Without the added overhead rigging to absorb the stress from the load, lifting beams must be designed structurally larger than spreader bars.Custom lifting devices like spreader bars are always incompression and are designed with varying pipe diameters and thicknesses to obtain the proper safety design factor to meet the rated capacity.

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