Lifting same muscle group on consecutive days

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That being said, there are schools of very, very successful training that lift everyday- the Bulgarians and everyone who copies them, gymnasts, Pavel and the GTG-ers, and others.Also wondering how often the Crossfit workouts target the same muscles on back to back days. I am not a personal trainer, but I would venture a guess.Now, don't misunderstand me- rest is key, and if you have great reason to believe something needs rest, by all means do. But I found a gem at some trashy BB'ing site that sums it up: "more people are slowed down by fear of overtraining than actually overtraining." This side of the gym does stuff a little differently. Doing an ab workout the next day after pull-ups will certainly hit the abdominals again...that's not the point.I try not to do (or advocate) heavy lifting of the same muscle group on consecutive days.I would suggest that science may have found an optimal point with respect to exercise that does not align with what we are really capable of. The fact that both stimuli came from pullups is pretty much irrelevant.I have a long way to go before I achieve my pull-up goals so I wanted to be careful and give myself a rest day from them today.I'm curious what other personal trainers think about this.Monday, I chose the Cindy workout and yesterday I decided to do an ab workout instead of doing a another day of pull-ups.And from a more pragmatic point of view- if I'm not using isolation movements, when am I not using the same muscles?Would you ever advocate a sprinter to not spend some time on the track every day?There is no switch that tells a muscle it can't be used because it was used yesterday- it may not be ready for maximal effort, but it can certainly explore whole other areas of the intensity, speed, and volume spectrum.

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