Lifting weights and jumping rope

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Strength training will increase your metabolic rate, build your muscles and provide you with more strength.But when you add interval weight training to your jump-rope workout, it's time to feel the burn even more.If you weigh 155 pounds and jump rope for 30 minutes, you'll burn 372 calories, which puts the activity on par with cycling, swimming and running.Weight machines, free weights and resistance bands can be part of your strength training workout plan.It should not be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.One of the benefits of jump-rope interval training with weights is that your workout won't ever get mundane, given that you can add any number of free-weight exercises.Jumping rope is a low-maintenance, easy way to burn a large number of calories in a short period of time, and is effective both as a warm-up to a workout and as the central focus of the workout itself.Target your weight training to the areas of your body you wish to build; other common free-weight exercises are triceps extensions and dumbbell shrugs.To add more challenge to jumping rope, use a weighted rope, which has weights in the handles to create more resistance during each turn.Options include regular jumping, jumping on one foot, sprinting on the spot, crossovers and double jumps.After jumping rope for three minutes, drop the rope and try 20 biceps curls, and then begin jumping again.

On its own, a vigorous workout of jumping rope is enough to make your legs and arms feel like jelly and give you a satisfied feeling by the time you walk out the doors of the gym.Some people take no break between stages of their interval training, and others take a short break after every one or two intervals.This type of dual workout is common, as it burns calories through an aerobic exercise while also helping you build muscle.Learn more from our experts about strength training.To make jumping rope a low-impact exercise, jump on a padded surface, such as a rubber mat, and bend your knees when you jump.

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