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There are no alterations in skin color in cellulite lesions, and they are usually asymptomatic.The mattress appearance is caused by raised and depressed lesions in the skin surface.Histopathology does not show relevant alterations to the skin or subcutaneous structures.The depressed lesions are caused by the traction of subcutaneous septa to the skin surface while the raised areas are usually due to tension of the fat lobules.Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) recently contributed to the understanding of this condition.As the suffix "ite" usually means inflammation, the term "cellulite" is incorrect, but it's widely used and accepted by physicians and the population in general.Cellulite usually appears after puberty and is more common in obese patients. On physical exam, two clinical aspects can be seen in cellulite patients: the orange-peel skin and the mattress appearance.The term "cellulite" originated in the French literature and has had various synonyms.These findings were confirmed in 1978 by Nürnberg and Müller when they studied anatomical aspects of cellulite in deep-tissue biopsies from 180 patients.Cellulite is characterized by alterations in the skin surface, occurring mainly in the thighs and buttocks of female patients (see Figure 1).The process of bringing a new drug to market is an arduous one, beginning with detailed animal data on toxicology, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and interactions with other drugs.The fibrous septa were also demonstrated by MRI in a recent unpublished study by Hexsel, Abreu, , in which the images were taken with a special filter and round skin marker (see Figure 2).

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