Ruger lcp dimensions

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With an unloaded weight of 9.4 ounces, even when you add in a full load of seven rounds, it still weighs well under a pound; more than acceptable for pocket carry.It’s smaller than a J-frame revolver and slimmer to boot.Chambered in .380ACP, which I consider to effectively be a down-loaded 9mm, much as the .40S&W is a down-loaded 10mm, the Ruger LCP provides a 6+1 capacity in a small package. While the barrel length is 2.75” the overall length of the gun is only 5.16” (see included photo with the pistol placed on a ruler).And for about 45 days, I did carry that weapon everywhere I went in one of the carry options available.Sights on all LCP models are fixed with the sites being milled right into the slide. Other models shown on the RUGER LCP webpage include: During my test time frame I had a number of options available for carrying the LCP on a daily basis.I had recently become aware of rubberized adhesive grips manufactured by a company called Talon Grips and they were kind enough to provide me with a proper grip wrap for my test LCP.In those times, it’s better to have a “lesser” caliber handgun WITH you rather than a larger caliber one far enough away to do you no good.I had two pocket holsters available, two in-waist-band (IWB) holsters available and one belt holster on a paddle mount.

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