Lifting ergonomics journal

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At Ergoweb, we strive to provide our members with the most up to date information about ergonomics.Areas covered include applications in the office, industry, consumer products, information technology and military design.welcomes original contributions on the practical applications of ergonomic design and research.Another study, completed by researchers in Germany, looked at specific medical conditions of the low back, and their relationship to repeated occupational exposure to lifting or carrying and to working postures with extreme forward bending.A third study in this issue changes the focus to shiftwork.Readership is truly international with subscribers in over 50 countries.As part of this we like to focus on current research and application throughout the broad field of ergonomics. Every month researchers from around the world publish new findings on the correlations, or in some cases the lack thereof, between back pain/injury and workplace risk aimed at ergonomists and all those interested in applying ergonomics/human factors in the design, planning and management of technical and social systems at work or leisure.

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