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I am a Homeopath but I also have roots of Ayurveda in my family, so before I became a Homeopath I was influenced by the curative properties of herbs of Indian system of medicine, i.e. During my Academic career as a Principal of Homoeopathic College in Surat [india], I came in contact with Dr Rohit Shah.Alopecia areata is most likely an autoimmune disease, and it causes patchy hair loss, particularly on the scalp. CMP Homoeopathic Medical College, Irla, in 1987 and M.• Ahmedabad • Valsad • Navsari • Vapi • Vadodara • Gandhidham • Ankleshwar • Mumbai • Sangli • Pune • Nasik • Indore • New Delhi • Kolkatta • Hyderabad • Jaipur • Bangalore • Bhubaneswar • Rourkela • Karnal • Gurgaon I am akshay banker, a Homoeopathic Practitioner. When I saw him treating hair loss patients successfully without any oral medications, I decided to study the way he works.Anthralin is meant for external use only, and should be applied as directed by a specialist doctor.Proper attention should be taken to avoid contact with your eyes, nose and mouth.To prevent the possibility of discoloration and staining of the treated areas, the treatment duration is limited to no more than one hour.The fundamental causes are believed to include hormonal, genetic, chemicals, drugs and stress related factors, though the exact cause is still unknown.

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