Lifting arms over head

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You can use a belt around your arms, just above your elbow joint, to get the feeling for this step in the early stages. As you inhale and push into your feet, allow your knees to move slightly forward in a straight line.If you are unable to maintain your elbows in this stance, elbows pivoting out to the sides, you might not want to go to step two but instead simply work on accomplishing this first and very important foundational step before attempting to add a lift to it.A tight shoulder girdle is common in the yoga room, especially amongst men as our arms and shoulders tends to be a bit more muscularly developed than women.If you are finding the sensation of this rotation, see how far you can straighten your arms without losing the internal rotation to an external rotation.Do this a few times to master the motion and to find a peaceful state of mind while your body works strongly. Having mastered step 3, we now move onto step 4 which requires you to add a new movement direction to the good work you are already committing to.Pushing through to the next step will not help you long term. While keeping your mind firm on this difficult shoulder rotation allow yourself to thrust a bit more into the mat with your arms, beginning to gradually straighten a little more and a little more.Stay here a few breaths, the head just a few inches off the mat, to check your elbows and shoulders again.

As you begin to understand this work better, you can move on and apply it to the proper actions of a full Urdhva Dhanurasana.), fingers pointing down towards your shoulders with a tendency outwards to the sides (not inward towards each other), with hands and elbows approximately shoulder width apart.When you lose the motion of internal rotation you have exceeded your physical capacity and you need to stay with this step till you have accomplished it fully!As you inhale begin to thrust your arms into the floor allowing your head to slide in under your upper back, ending with the crown of your head on the floor, neck firm and taking its due part in carrying the weight of your upper torso.When attempting this, you are looking for a relatively simple movement once it has taken root in your practice, once the shoulder girdle has found the necessary foundation of supported openness, yet accepting the importance and investing in the detailed movement mechanics often gets in our way.

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