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12 Elastic Bandages – Enough for complete or full body wraps and may also be used for spot wraps.This mixture is enhanced by seaweed extracts and aims to help those who have body image issues because of poor skin health, the appearance of cellulite, and stubborn fats that are out of control.Wrap Yourself Slim Sea Mud is enriched with seaweed extracts to deal with this problem.Sauna Suit – A one-size-fits-all, easy-to-wear, two-piece suit that preserves warmth during a body wrap.Tape measure – Used to take baseline measurements prior to the treatment and inch loss results after the body wrap.They fight against the signs of skin aging including wrinkles and fine lines to reveal younger looking skin. In practice, mud distinguished general and local procedures.The Wrap Yourself Slim Spa Mud Complete Body Wrap Kit contains enough mud for 4 full body wraps and even more if used for spot or targeted wraps.Description: This Spa Mud Wrap brings the therapeutic benefits of the sea in the form of a body wrap formula.Of the common procedures for many of our resorts for a long time widely used general mud baths.Through detoxification, toxins leave the body allowing fat cells to shrink back and prevent them from growing further resulting in inch loss and reduction of visible cellulite.This kit is ideal to be used for complete or full body wraps to stimulate detoxification, inch loss, and improvement of skin condition all over the body.A potent detoxifying agent that works to tighten and tone the skin, decrease visible cellulite, and reduce inches.High quality, reusable supportive bandages that are a full 15cm wide.

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