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Your Team Head Coach or Manager will give you instructions on what you need to do as a team member and the deadlines for each team.There are eight primary international championships that the USAPL participates in.Lifter A has the best total from all of the selection meets with 595 kilos.However, it was far too complicated and unfair in some places.Lifter B would automatically receive the invite to worlds since he has the best total and has achieved the 3 place average is 605 kilos.If you are looking to help grow the sport in your area, go to the Admin page and contact the State Chair. Do you want to represent our country and the USAPL by competing on a national team?The following process simplifies the system while eliminating the risk of taking a weak lifter. Lifter A wins collegiate nationals with an 815 kilo total.The lifter with the highest ranking who is not already on the team will be appointed to the USA team, regardless of weight class representation.

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