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There are many forces at play but for the sake of easier explanation, I have over-generalized it to these 4 major ones.(in relation to gravity.) And not just punching power, but ANY kind of power.It doesn’t matter what type of force you use to punch (push, pull, lift, drop, rotate, etc)…you will have to do it USING THE GROUND AS YOUR REFERENCE. The point of reference is NOT YOUR BODY, it’s the ground. The moment you forget about strengthening your contact to the ground, your power will fail.You have the added force of gravity to increase your body mass (making you momentarily a heavier object) and aid rotation.b) HIP ROTATION – refers to the circular acceleration of your hips in force generation.A forward movement is still an indirect angle of going UP off the ground.So the only way to go forward is to either push yourself up at a diagonal angle from the ground or to push yourself UP off the ground and then fall forward.Of all the accelerating forces in a punch, this one is probably the most important…NOT FIST ACCELERATION.The heavier you are at impact, the more powerful your punch (which is why big guys naturally hit harder than small guys, they have the weight advantage).Jen Smith, 21, will be taking her place in the under 56kg class to topple the record she set earlier this year at the Global Powerlifting Committee (GPC) nationals in the bench press event on the Gold Coast.Fist acceleration alone does not guarantee hip acceleration; which is why some fast-handed boxers still don’t have any power.So let’s review again: Your punching power is a resulting combination of your grounded body mass, rotation in the hips, speed of the fist, and controlled tension at point of impact.The reason being that there is nothing behind you to push you forward.Imagine if I was to be swinging in the air with my legs off the ground, I wouldn’t be able to generate ANY POWER AT ALL (regardless of my punching technique). All *powerful* movements you make must originate from the ground or else it’s “ungrounded” and won’t have any power.

(If I was to punch on one leg, it wouldn’t matter what technique I used; the punch would be weak.) Being that the ground is your point of reference, all movements are either going away from the ground or into the ground.a) GROUNDED BODY MASS – means how heavy and how dense you can make yourself.It’s not a fall in the sense that you lose balance but it’s a fall because you’re letting gravity project you forward rather than you being able to move yourself forward.Likewise, becoming a dense object at the moment of impact makes you more powerful than being loose (just like how a tight fist transfers more energy than a loose fist).You can also punch going up (useful for some tactical purposes) but much of your energy would be spent just to OVERCOME gravity’s forces and then whatever’s left is applied to the punch.

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