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It is unknown whether an intervention to increase muscular strength through the use of slowly progressive weight lifting is an efficacious modality to reduce the incidence of deterioration of physical function among survivors of breast cancer.Certified exercise professionals employed by the fitness centers led the twice-per-week exercise sessions that each lasted 90 minutes.Additional eligibility criteria included 5) body mass index (BMI) ≤ 50 kg/m; 6) no plans for surgery during the study; 7) no history of bilateral lymph node removal; 8) no weight lifting in the previous year; and 9) stable body weight and not attempting to lose weight.Each session included stretching of major muscle groups, low-intensity aerobic warmup, abdominal and back strengthening exercises, and weight lifting exercises.A detailed description of the PAL trial methods are described elsewhere.Weight lifting exercises for the upper body included the dumbbell press, seated row, lateral or front raise, bicep curl, and triceps extension.In a recent prospective cohort study, there were no baseline differences in functional status when comparing 6,390 women who never had a cancer diagnosis with the 374 women who had experienced a diagnosis of breast cancer sometime during the 10-year follow-up period.

Women diagnosed with breast cancer reported an accelerated trajectory of deterioration of physical function after diagnosis compared with members of the cancer-free cohort of similar age.Participants were eligible for the study if they were: 1) female survivors 1 to 15 years after diagnosis; 2) free from cancer at study entry; 3) ≥ 1 lymph node(s) removed; and 4) no medical conditions or contraindicated medications that would prohibit participation in an exercise program.The primary aim of the PAL trial was to assess the safety of slowly progressive weight lifting among survivors of breast cancer with breast cancer–related lymphedema (n = 141) and survivors of breast cancer at risk for breast cancer–related lymphedema (n = 154).For the first 13 weeks, participants were given instruction on the safe completion of weight lifting exercises in small groups of between two and six participants.Study participants were randomly assigned to one of two study groups through the use of minimization.

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