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Fiat creates cars with passion to make people’s lives better.Let’s find out more about the most iconic cars and their performances in this period.From the 30’s until the 60’s, Fiat officially stopped its participation in car racing (one of the main reasons was the war period).Founded in 1899 in Turin, Italy, Fiat was already taking part in the earliest car races in the year 1900.Let’s have a look on some of those unofficial Fiat racing cars!Starting in 1970 Fiat officially returned to rally competition.The brand’s mission is: to combine the Italian passion for design and originality with the maximum in efficiency and versatility in every model; to produce engines that make driving fun, while ensuring fuel efficiency and low emissions; to use the best technologies to deliver on-board comfort as well as vehicles that are affordable and cost effective to maintain.Let us take you through 3 different periods where Fiat sporty car design made an impact in the racing scene…Fiat makes cars for every need that are also stylish, fun to drive and surprisingly functional.

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